Oct 28, 2009

۰•●When you are not next to me..

The past few days have been very lonely..

accustomed to his daily companionship..
sudden loss of feeling good strange..

Time is very slow too..

very different feel and usual..


In the end we are separate is right or wrong..
but I can not accept..
he told me to change the attitude..
when I need him..

he did not at my side..

It makes me feel good-hearted gray..
He made me feel tired heart..
I really know what to do..

I still think he..

Since last sunday I told him after the opening..
we have never seen each other..
Although he has openings to retain..
but I refused..

not my heart have no him..

but I want to calm..

does this decision will enable us to reflect on each other do their own fault ?

I know that we together are not favored by others..
discrimination because of someone else..

I have never been willing to bow to admit that we are not suitable..

now separate..
I do not know is because we do not fit or for other reasons..

but I know we still have each other's heart there..

we are still the same as before..

daily contact with each other..

not only did not go out to meet..

there are relatively few close call only..

I do not know if you are willing to care I do not ..

things will always be solved one day..

Let it go..

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