Nov 3, 2009

۰•● unexpected

A busy Saturday and Sunday..
I took copies of part-time at a certain shopping inside..
lack of sleep..

Dad said that I do not need myself own tired..
is not short of money at home..
but I think this is an additional revenue..
well, I have more money to be spent in..


unfortunately, wages have to wait until 2 months before..
really tired out ..
I look forward to..

Sunday the day..
my boy gave me a great surprise..
people may think that is a common thing..
but for me..
is indeed a very unexpected appearance..

He is a pleasant surprise of the boys never give me..
may be because the relationship between the bar has never talked about love..
I was his first official contacts between the girls..
he did not give me any surprises and romance..
he gave me only three meals a day will not be hungry to only..
he could not understand what I want..
this is why I, and his reasons for breaking up..
but now be considered and good..
only that we did not open to the friends know..

I went off work time is 9:00 p.m..
he has been with me from morning to night are linked..
by about 8 pm more..
he said the evening would give me a pleasant surprise..
I am curious to ask him non-stop..
he told me that he bought in a shop dolls..
called the clerk sent to me..
I am not a three-year..
and he is a person does not know how to give surprises..
of course, do not believe..

the moment I call it a day..
throughout the store, he cannot find me..
no way to have only hit the phone told me the truth..
I can not believe he's really come to me themselves sutera mall..
I met with him meet at the KFC..
I have been to see him do not stop laughing..

he used his big hands holding my little hands to walk around..
I feel very happy..
ever since the separation of a few days later..
he has indeed changed a lot..
let's go inside the market to buy goods..
his hand holding my hand, another hand to help me raise the basket..
we would like to buy our goods..
after tat..we would drive home..

feel very tired today..
but it is a good day..
my pig really made me feel very happy..
because he is stupid..
but to my surprise..
he himself came to find me..
I feel very unexpected..

Big Fool..I love it..

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