Nov 9, 2009

۰•● Simple is the well-being

Days from the spm are 9 days..

I have gradually emerged in the pressure..

I do not like my grades are not satisfactory..

I will regret it for life..


I became my classes (model students) ..

I am weird..

why do I become a model class living?

teacher expectations are high for me..

but I was in the second half of this period, teachers are disappointed..

because I have been did not go to school..


there is really thinking of the idea so simple as simple as people?

I do not believe I was this type of person..

but my idea is really very simple..

happy to see someone else..

my heart will be happy to follow up..

can help others makes me feel happy..

my request is not much..

but to a lot of people think I am silly stupid..

Really so?

My lovely boy two weeks straight working specially to my place..

waiting for me after work..

do you know what that kind of feeling do?

very warm..

always on my most tired when he would appear in front of me..

me no substitute for love..

help me massage..

let me less shoulder pain..

every day we live in two individuals in the world..

single-minded only want each other's companionship..

neglect their friends..

the most important thing is..

these friends worth it?

are worth..

but most people are two-sided..

so I told them no longer taken seriously..

perhaps each stage has a different friend..

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