Nov 19, 2009

۰•● SPM coming...

Now we are in a very important test realm..
but I see it..
everyone seems to not be nervous SPM
read so many years..
in order that this time of the examination..
why is it that everyone has drawn a blank?
I do not accept such an approach..

the above photo is what..
we shoot the day before the examination..
of our good friends in school class..
however, there are still a lot of people to escape the lens..
this is our first time in school photo..
graduation photo..

the first day is about to test BM paper 1 & 2..
that night..
I study the afternoon novel to go to sleep until about 4:00 a.m..
less than three hours sleep got up..
in order to dictation novel is no way..

even on his way to school..
I am waving a book while walking to see..
exam started..
I have read so many articles out of the article makes no..

I have to parents how to cultivate a successful children read an article..
my BM paper 1 essay of up to 842
my BM paper 2 of the subject was mamahuhu only..
can only rely on my Rumusan get high marks in..
hope that there will be a miracle to happen..

the next day about the exam in BI paper 1 & 2..
me the most nervous one subject..
I read the novel The Pearl to sleep around 11 p.m..
because the spirit of the lack..
set the alarm before going to bed 4.30 am up study..
my boyboy
said I was crazy..
has been at the school can not even eat a meal..

during the examination of the half-hour..
I found that the other candidates are in bed..
is simply not believe it..
why did they not try to write to see?
is not nervous?
this 2-day test..
let me tired mental fatigue and stress greatly..
finally did not took the test this week..
have to wait until next monday before tuesday mathematics test..
I think I have this subject there is no hope..
because I am a Mathematics idiot..

Now I can finally relieved..

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