Dec 7, 2009

۰•● How to go the way of the future?

A while back my serious fat..
I will let my emotions get out of control..

how long did my weight reached 60kg of high..
at first..I was 75kg records fattest..
slowly lose weight to 52kg..
successfully slim down..
did not expect to become fat to less serious..

very lucky..
in my weight loss this week..
now keep 56kg..
I hope I can be a little more slender..

I am about to graduate from high school..
hearts accumulated a lot of complicated emotions..
I do not know how to go to the next road..
I'm afraid of taking the wrong path..
I do not want to ruin my future..
I thought to have a plan..
I will do the job only two kinds..
the first one is hotel management..
the second is the Beauty Cosmetics..

I would like to develop my future career in Singapore..
advantage is..
be able to study my English conversation ability and more room for development..
but I would like to temporarily working middle class to Singapore..
to experience work experience..
before going to implement my plans..
but the industrial products of this job..
dad has been is not optimistic..
because he did not think it is were the work of the future..
I want to convince him it is very difficult..
but I will try to tell him my thoughts..
I hope he can support me gives me strength..

with regard to the development of my love..
nothing seems to rise and fall..this month is our 3 months together..
finally but broke my 3 months for each super-romance..
but I think it is cool period..
he told me I always feel that the gradual fall in interest..
I do not know how to describe..
the attitude of fits and starts..
makes me feel the same with and without..

Blessing for me-----my dear friends..

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