Dec 24, 2009

۰•● Deep in my heart feelings..

Recently to live with a little bit boring..
I feel like sooner or later will become a depression..
do not like this feeling..

my personality..
wat do you think , or I'll give you a feel ?

many people think ..
I have a great woman character ism ..
do you think ?

these days ..
I think the side have had a beloved partner is really happy..
becoz I don't feel lonely..
when I needed him he would appear in front of me..
this may be a tendency to fall in love and happy..
the current situation is not so agree with me ..

love is an unexpected game ..
it is the beginning and end we can not decide ..
if you fall in love with a man so hard ..
it would be better to restore a single state would be better ..
to put it bluntly ..
I think the present situation tired ..

I know that is very unfair to him ..
but I have no other choice ..
I do not want to own so that they have any trouble ..
two of the same age together thinking is not mature enough ..
needless to say..even a long time ..
maybe I'm being too selfish ..
does not take into consideration the feelings of others ..
but I really hope that he can understand me ..
let me go ..
but now I do not know how to tell him opening ..

after graduation ..
feel that they mature a lot ..
the plan for the future are to concentrate on the distance ..
my favorite time to time with my dad brought my plans ..
of course..
he also agree that a lot ..

I like this ferocious father ..
sometimes I really have no way to take him ..
I have recently been talking to him nauseating words ..
sometimes I would find it very funny ..
also intends to join with him went to shoot two people emoticons ..
buy a pair of gold rings ..
between the father and daughter belong to my memories of him ..

although some regard..
I think he dealt with is not good enough ..
but I know he always put my heart the first one ..
his place in my mind is no substitute ..
I really hope that his health is all right ..
I do not want to enter the community before he is not next to me ..
he told me it is a great spirit and strength ..


I love you

I know that is very nauseatingbut

I still let you know that I love you very much..