Jan 10, 2010

۰•● To restore the status of a single

The days to restore a single 9 days..
be peaceful break up..

may indeed he was not feeling right..
I actually shed a tear no..
Instead, the words said for a very unfeeling..
I think I will never forget that one night..
the end of 4 months of our love..
It is in just over 4 months of that one night openings..

there is no heart of how to continue to do..
this makes me very happy flies..
so I would prefer to restore the freedom of a single..
perhaps better for me..

on that day, at night..
he mobile phone into a bag returned to me..
I did not see him..
so, ask their friends to help me get him..
when I put something down out of the bag..
was found that he also put us on the inside of the ring..
this is the first time I saw him take off his ring..
I do not understand why he gave me the ring does..
perhaps he did not want to leave any items, like on my side, right?
avoid recall memories of the past..
this I can understand..

then he has passed a newsletter to me..
I just have figured out..
I think I really still not qualify for listing for you to love me..
I will try to put down your..
hope that the next time we have seen..
we can do back to a friend..

I am not back to his heart to any one newsletter..

because I do not want to dwell..
since then, after a newsletter..
I have never seen him and he got in contact..
however, the mouth from friends informed..
after he broke up his face like nothing happened..
or is the same as before with my friends talked and laughed..
perhaps he is not loved me..
conclusion..I believe this is a good terms of romance..

I hope we can all better off ..

I hope your thoughts are like me ..

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