Jan 29, 2010

The voice of the work ..

Come back to report that my work situation..
Do you think will be like?
let me tell you ..
stroke work of the past few days I am not feeling the pressure ..
because my colleagues were very good to get along ..
I told them do not see less than a week just to get along the relationship ..
more like a frendz a few years ..
quite worried about the beginning of my relationships ..
is now no longer seem to worry that a problem ..
because I am popular with really good ..
(praise himself .. but true)
the most incredible is that ..
I have a few days before entering the work place ..
even colleagues and I have caused scandal ..
but also a lot of people know the kind ..
is really ridiculous ..
but he quite a nice man ..
our interest are very similar ..
has a white skin..golden-brown hair ..love the habit of writing fiction..

Our company has five colleagues ..

administrators is Vegood ..

26-year-old ..

looks like a 19-year-old ..

the second high-level characters is Soon ..

21-year-old is recognized as the crystal shop handsome guy ..

superpower and many girls love him ..

the third character is Maggie ..

22-year-old girls in chat just fine ..

the fourth figure is Eric ..

28-year-old men in the highest of the Crystal store ..

it is always called himself a single false ..

of course, the last one is me Kelly ..
19-year-old look delicate and pretty ladies ..
has been self-confidence..
I don't know why ..
now suddenly become confident ..
and is very serious that type ..
mayb due to the relationship between several suitors ..
but I did not expect so soon too ..

although not very tired ..
but my father finally accepted my job ..
because I used the action to prove to him ..
whether the morning or afternoon, evening ..
I will sms him or call him to chat with ..
this proved that even if I go on life will not forget them ..
Life on the outside ..
every day I are saved ..
only meal of rice a day ..
and sometimes after work and without food in a direct ..
less than a week ..
I have lost face and is also smaller ..

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