Feb 2, 2010


Worked for two weeks so ..

learned a lot about the knowledge of crystal ..

although not entirely able to master ..

I wanted this job as a homework ..

of course,

I also prepared a booklet to record notes ..

I'm very fond of playing ..

but I wan something to start is very serious ..

because the working relationship between ..

so I reduced the phenomenon of narcissism ..

after working since the beginning ..

I have not re-use of mobile phones to take pictures ..

recently ..

some people say more beautiful ..

some people say that I've changed a delicate and pretty ..

some people say that fat has changed ..

some people say so fat they become beautiful, but looks like a lot of ..

really have a lot of comments ..

but when my weight is measured is lower than 2kg ..

why is it a friend said I fat?

I really contradictory ..

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