Feb 8, 2010

I am not longer a little girl ..

Slowly into the mature route..
cute style seems to hv cannot be used on me..
tis should be pleased to learn..
I am no longer a little girl..
I have tis 1 style of dressing up..
the appearance of my work..
is not very mature as well as the appearance of handsome ?
many ppl think so..
I hv a serious fat again..
many ppl say I have a lot of fat..

I am ready sad lo..
going to the New Year..
I went so far as has been said tat a lot of fat..
let me noe wat to do..
one day..
I am so boring tat's becoz of friends word (miss me)..
I and mentoring..
middle of the night went so far as to driver back Pekan nanas..
is not it crazy?
specifically to go back with frenz drink tea..
the relationship didn't meet of too long..
we are more into the lots to talk about the topic..
Until 3:00 a.m..
we will soon go the distance to the living quarters..
is simple very tired..
usually are accompanied to mom and dad a break..
simply no time to accompany a frienz..
a long time sacrifice sleep time so be worth it..
I was just better tat day..
with a few frienz to drink tea so..
I saw my-ex bf after..
he didn't come to drink tea with us..
otherwise..I ready do not noe how good..
but that day..
I went back to dormitory ady..
thinks a lot of question..
family problem..love problem..
although my heart no more love anymore..
memory cannot forget it is..
I think tat is peaceful break up..
I said to him for a very unfeeling words..
I thought he would not say thing about with me again..
didn't think he ask my sister..
my recent..where working..and anything..
I don't noe tis is not the best result ?
but I still hope he gone well..
to find a more worthy of his dear girl..

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