Feb 15, 2010

The recent situation in the New Year...

This is my Valentine's day gift received..
unexpectedly..this also will send me roses..
be regarded as a good valentine's day..
Chocolate is my ex Han jie gave it to me..
Roses is my hometown a person like me to send..
then there is the most expensive valentine's day gift..
noe wat is call ?
(Sony W995)
the market a new series of pink colour..
probably cost around RM1600++..

the expensive gift is my colleagues send to me..
believe tat you should be very surprised at the response..
why did he send me a gift so precious ?
I dunno..
I felt the same shock with u..
I told him not focus on the relationship between boyfrenz or another..
it not be more dumbfounded ?

This is my best cousin..
ever since she went to malacca after further study..
we have very few opportunities to meet..
she come jusco visit me..
to join us to enjoy our lunch..
in fact.. only to find a place to sit and chat only..
we have many lots to talk about topic..
in the photo inside..
it is clear to see out..
I have matured a lot..
after working since the very few to take a pictures..
tis photo is also forced to shoot..
nothing special things recently..
just my appetite gets bigger..
new year's time not enough..
tis year a lot of little red ''ang pao''..

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