Jan 19, 2010

Start a different life..

Boring life..

have grown doubled I gave crazy..

my lifa is that u can't imagine the picture..

even made me feel no sense of my life..

really make ppl sad mood..

Fortunately very much..

after a bad thing then good luck will follow to..

let me tell you a good news..


the news..

really made me feel very unexpected..

I think that taking the opportunity becoz there was not high..

really happy to let me admitted..

but now only worry is tat get along with colleagues..

interpersonal relationships is very important..

in addition..

I also intend to live in dormitories..

I think my father certainly oppose..

even more surprising is that the ppl..

he should respect my own choices and decisions..

he really respects do?

I'm really afraid tat he was of the provisional go back on..

I have to do..

let no one way to stop it..

even if the family was against it tis time..

i will persist..

forgive me stubborn character's beloved family..

I just do not want to spend ur money everytime..

becoz i know my big spending and big users spend a lot of..

cannot change the bad habits..

the only one working to make money..

I will cherish is not willing to large overhead..

Next monday..

I am officially the first day on the job..

hope that everything can be smoothly..

I feel like I forgot to say tat I apply for the job..

(severity of amnesia)..

It is a branch of the shhop..

hope in tis industry where I can learn new knowledge..

rest a day every week..

monday to friday..

allow me to choose..

working time no fixed..

sometimes overtime..

morning is 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m..

afternoon is 1:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m.

I have some busy..

these commodities must be prepared..

cosmetics category and other...

also to buy a skirt OL and black high heels..

the next cut my hair..complementary colour..

the next thing..

you should always come to visit me o..

I was to write the report of the workingn ya..

let you take a look..

I go out to work has changed? : P

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