Jan 21, 2010

Camouflage strong...

Last more than 2 days..

I will officially leave the family side..

feeling a bit sad..
but I never dared to show up..
they pretend to insist on the surface looks..
in fact..
I wans saddened..

I know tat Mummy n Daddy are not willing..

although they do not say the export..

but they made me feel the way..

I have pratience for a long time..heart is also having a hard time..

becoz tis is my question sooner or later hv to face..

I didn't spend they money maybe a life time..

tis time I was very stubborn to change the decision..

I hope they can understand..
I will not becoz my family was rich..
is not working does not suffer..
Kind of life..
is everyone is very eager to like good luck..
don't hv to worry money problem..
wat to buy on wat to buy..
enjoy life..
there is not perfect happiness..
becoz i was a child..
we must face the question of disvorce..
costody dispute..

tis is a child in term..
will result in a significant injury is not to recover..
so many years ady..
I can't forget tis painful childhood..

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