Jan 12, 2010

۰•● Pleasant journey

This is the first time taking a trip ..

I am very happy journey ..

perfectBecause I side more with a narcissism of people like me love ..

You see it?

is the photographs of girls in tune with me ..

She called Qi ..is father friend's daughter ..

she and I in the same year, 19-year-old ..

she is a very powerful girls dressed ..

especially in the makeup area ..I had to admire ..

and her get along these days ..

I learned a lot from her dressing skills ..

The first day of the clothing..
QI's personal style:
long version of tee + spirituality + leopard coat..
and I do not want to dress up too exaggerated ..
simple is beautiful ..
Kelly's personal style:
green vest + black shorts
and a handful of hair, his hair tied up high in the central..
Similar to the lively and lovely children ..

back to the hotel ..

we suddenly had energetically ..

so we shoot from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. more ..

the two of us almost falling out of the room to ..

finally really exhausted ..

among the process of narcissistic ..

what kind of position ..

this is one of my favorite photo ..
I like my smile ..
especially the teeth ..

Beautiful ..

is because there are dressed the relationship between ..

after watching the beautiful pictures ..

it is time to see ..

look after the home ..

we are all dressed the lazy ..

in particular..

make-up ..

because no one saw at home ..

image do not have to take care ..

Ha ha ha ..


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