Dec 19, 2009

۰•● Professional work..

The end of my spm exam..
finally a sigh of relief..
I hope that my results can be unexpected gains..
I only asked me to pass like a BM and BI..

recently I was desperately looking for a job..
would like to use the idle time to be properly working..
monsters do not want to at home every day..
the number of working..
I have been looking for secretary of the nature of the work..
although there is no experience, but I am willing to learn..

I found a secretary job..the company's scope of work is about car insurance..
my job is to do things that the..
secretary contact the insurance companies and customer service..
it sounds very difficult but it can gradually learn..
I demand a salary in RM1000 + +..
that company also said that after he informed me that identified..
3 months probation period..
not formally become part of the company..
then formally elevated salary may also apply for provident fund..

I personally feel that a good..
but my father do not agree with my idea..
because he said the oil money and my car the cost of three meals..
is simply not cost-effective..
must have a minimum salary of about RM1400 cost-effective..

my god..
I had just graduated out of nothingsalary of RM1000's been..
lucky that a slightlystill want to RM1400 will be too ridiculous point?
because he was opposed..
I do not see him directly face black..
he took it I can not tell me to try to see..
in fact, I know that he worried about being cheated me to go outside..
but if I did not take the first step then how the future life?

my dad makes bleak health problems of the situation..
the doctor does he got liver cancer has been 6 months..
even if surgical treatment is not good ..
all can go with the flow..
in fact, I'm really scared of my dad left me..
how can I do instead?
this is a fact that I have to accept it ..
so I have to do a good job preparing for his sudden departure..
for my own escape route out of the first half to see him let him be assured..
because I knew he was most worried about is that me..
cirrhosis of the liver as long as he's up ..
he will be taken to another world of angel ..

I would like to use my life in exchange for his father's life expectancy..
I really hope that he can see me grow into useful timber..

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