Nov 2, 2012

♥ The ending Oct 2012

In this photo,
what did you find?
1,2,3,4,5 .......found?
I'm change hairstyle ady, cut very short n dyed different colors.
I was actually very reluctant, but want to try a new hairstyle.
 like a child.
my face is round.
PAGE 2 Hair Studio
My hairdresser is
 Denson Lew
the address is
31, Jln Dedap 13, Tmn Johor Jaya,81100.J.B.
contact num:
u can look for him to help you design suitable for ur hair,
he was funny and talkative :)
He told me ''先斩后奏''
he helped me with hair color, very trouble,  believe his eyes, certainly not wrong XD

30 Oct 2012  my dear old man birthday
He is really getting old, whether it is looks or physical.
He has 56 years old.
I wish him good health and longevity, in his life-time give him a happy warmth.
of course, I hope filial his life.
 that day,
a lot of relatives coming home BBQ,
see my cousin. all grown up ady. I'm the oldest :(

You seen girls bearded? (funny)
my son?? XD
If I have a cutie son, I must really love him.
same with me LOLZ

27 Oct NIGHT
 drinking with colleagues at Legato bistro bar @ Bukit Indah
 first time with my colleagues to bistro,
they're very interesting n crazy.
my youngest inside them, but we don't have generation gap.
We three women

(Tis is Moon, she and I come from the same hometown

(Tis old man call 番薯 ) XD
he like to 作笑

Yesterday, movie day. 
the ending made ​​me very disappointed, I dun like lo >.<
The next 11 months, outdoor shooting : )

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