Nov 6, 2011

♠ Max Zheng & Yen Ling Wedding's

Max Zheng & Low Yen Ling wedding's

a happy wedding,future should be happy (^.^)

Small to large,play with me,noisy with me,mischief with me,

That is my cousin " 明辉kor kor ".

When we gradually grow,living environment not the same,
we are far away than before,we may have grown up it.
but u still the same fun. XD

Sister-in-law also funny too,her smile was bright.
they are a model couple. XP
have their presence,guaranteed to laugh.

This day is very very busy.
I help relatives make-up 12pm to 6pm stopped hand.CRAZY ady!!!
I never tried to help so many people make up,more afraid the effect of out.

fortunately,the results come out,not be dislike.

In contrast,I'm very rewarding ^.^

Tired of the day,
today's dress is my last minutes preparations.
there's not enough time,too late,
so "qing cai qing cai".

very casual.
don't spend too much time.

Natural simple is ok.

3 consecutive weeks,should participate in the wedding.
the last wedding,in the end tis Saturday.

Finally ~~~~~~~~~~

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