Dec 15, 2011

♠ Family ll Genting Highland

Genting Highlands

our family comes to visit "you"
about 1 year didn't have to go traveled with my family,
in this, Thx Q daddy.
if it is not because I want to start a relationship,
I think he will not specifically take tis trip,

the only reason for his baby daughter (

As the daddy driving the technology amazing,
destination about two hours.
in the car all the way to the rickety,
like the "飘移" . HUH

一切又要重新开始了 迎接更美好的未来
希望身边的人都能得到幸福 找到属于自己的快乐

除了把心思放在工作上 还是选择工作
趁自己还年轻 赶快把自己的工作做得有声有色吧
我就是那么充满野性的人 哈哈哈


还没有嫁人就那么肥 没人要你就懂~
不好半夜吃宵夜阿 很肥的~
如果嫁人了 肥没关系 带给另一半福气~

He spoke very toxic,
but I didn't respond,I just smiled for him,

Fat is a blessing.

In fact,
I can easily becoz the small thing moved,
I always worried that I would lose him,
even though I knew I was in his mind the importance.
he is now working to understand the situation,
I know he is very hard,
but I'll support his decision,
he should resign, I have no opinion.

I started working right from the first day,
I knew I had to struggle for two years in Singapore,
can't breach, or to be compensated.
I'm more worried about him,
tis year will choose to develop in SG or go back to M'sia to work?
I'm worry about tis problem.
I got him a definite answer.

"我也希望 只要努力 我相信不会变的"

"因为我现在有了你很开心 不管有多么的辛苦 我也会待在新加坡"

I suddenly felt very warm heart.


I said:"不会.做不满2年的合约,我要赔钱的."
“没关系 我会帮你出的”

sometimes我真的觉得他很傻 但是我还是很愿意跟他在一起.
因为他的在乎让我看到很清楚 深深的感受到他一直都在为我付出.
偶尔我会觉得自己是他的负担 因为他为了每天打电话给我 搞到钱用很快,
听见他同事跟我说 第一次看他为了要留钱top up打给我 结果在店吃面包,
我真的吓了一下 但他却从没对我说出口.
听了我很心疼 真的 你要好好照顾自己才对,

亲爱的 辛苦你了 : ]

Athur Christmas

In Genting Highlands,
continuously watched two movies,
one is the cartoon Christmas episode,
one is the funny story.

Tis's 3D movie.

Petaling Street Warriors
with my family see together,
I have not read before the movie,
I have scolded my boyboy "鸡凸"
however,the word appeared in the film,
I'm full of surprise.

feel good inside a word.
"勾引人家的老公之前 先查一查他老婆是谁"
nice lo.

This small sample of the product,
cheated me RM127,
but its effect is really amazing,
eyelashes cosmetic products.

bought some heartache T.T

In the dinosaur's arms looking for a sense of security?
HAHAHA kit kit the full XD

this is a dinosaur in the outdoor park,
the weather is very cold,
I spent two days sick.

Long time didn't wear white clothes,
because fat so afraid to wear more fat,
This dress is to blame!
is it,daddy said:"u look very fat liao ler".

谢谢那些疼爱我的家人 朋友 男人
现在的我过得比以前还开朗 还要快乐 还要轻松自在

Play time is running out,
there are three days I started to work,
hope that new life will bring me more grown up.

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