Dec 1, 2011

♥ HarbourFront Centre /Universal/Clarke quay

HarbourFront Centre,Singapore.

Legend:enjoy a meal in the store will be very happy.
I with my boyboy,spent $30.65 in here.

I'm COMING.Universal studios.

Thx Q for my Boy.
rest days,take me around town,go I never been to the place.

"早出晚归" XD

When it becomes so learned?
we even buy a ticket to the museum visit history.
(tis question for us very puzzled)

Clarke quay,Singapore.

The scenery is beautiful here,it is suitable for couples.
many crossroads,shophouse visit,restaurant,clubbing.

I'm very happy,although a very long way to go,
but my heart do not feel tired,becoz around HIM.
he was very lazy to walk,for me,he can go with me the way all day.

Thx Q.
you spend two days rest,gave me all the time.♥

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