Nov 3, 2010

❤ Report to join the beauty industry

My chinese name is 宋琳,

and my English name is Kelly,

I'm 19 Years old,
on 13 th Jun 1991,

I'm come from Pekan Nanas.

I grew up to become a volunteer is an excellent beautician.


after graduation,

I entered the beauty industry development.

slowly to achieve my dream

I want to be a beautician.

the reason is that all women want to help solve the problems face,

learn more about skin structure,

able to correctly judge the nature of the type of skin.

Beautician should be confident,

given the strength of this confidence will be infectious to every customer.

to establish a good self-image, good faith

I hope that in future work,

able to successful people better than they

learn from their experience in the workplace

for their own career development of reference information.

A beautician must continue to improve their personal abilities and expertise,

to get more updated knowledge to enrich themselves,

and I often through the magazines, Internet, newspapers, television,

access to relevant knowledge.


as long as our greatest passion,

the best service to do all the work,

you can get customer recognition.


This report is a December examination
Introduction to the report the examiner to observe

Nothing to do today
So I prepared the report in advance
The contents of this report is to specify the
Why am I entered the beauty of this industry

Because I am focused on the maintenance of effort
Have paid for care on my face
The reason is that maintenance is very important
By : Kelly

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