Jun 16, 2010

► accuracy of the decision

like to leave your body belongs to me the mark
have never remembered you never belong to me
if one day you will not like
my life will fall as before
I don't want to live like that
so I didn't give up before you
at least you love me

rainy window
a cup of coffee
know they miss you
how can I expect you to understand
the first is because you don't cry
the first is that experience you laugh
the first smile in tears because they can't have you

since the love
why not say it
something to lose will not come back
what can I say? what?
I can feel your heart ache
you can't tell you the frustration
but you make a show of indifference
the more you more uncomfortable

close your eyes
thought I could forget
but the tears did not fool themselves
I hope you will hear good
because I love you so I let you go

since the birthday of the future
I am concerned about your cool gradually
I didn't hate the old
but love is no longer emotionally attached to no results
I feel silly for a long time
decided not to make their passes so tough

during this period the day without you
really tough start
but I was in between us made a decisive
that is, you are a good choice for me

is always a matter of two people

the start of love
need two people open the gate

leave love
the two sides should go all together

had made the choice after
I feel life is no longer affected by any
since I do not need
go worry about the feelings of so many brave people

as long as you think it is
should go directly to do the best

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