Jun 29, 2010

Both father and daughter don't need to decorum

Not simple
I am confused on is the day
but feel tat cooking is very satisfying
I can look at the order of the day eating their own cooking
there was a sense of accomplishment in my heart

spent an afternoon
I open the fridge
where to cook in the beginning of the better
I took a cabbage and lettuce
ingredients are anchovies and garlic and onion oil
meat is luncheon meat and pork

my greatest fear is still open gas stove
becoz I am afraid of fire-breathing
a period
I have always dreamed
their time in the gas stove was fire burns face
I'm afraid of disfigurement

back and forth opening half didn't dare to open
heard the voice of fire
my heart began to speed up
I have the courage
I have been following my own advice
if you have not taken even the first step
how big do you want?
besides just tell you to open gas stove
After persuading
my heart is full of fear
but I bite the bullet and open a direct
if because of this and not open
then I prepared the ingredients do not cook it?

I personally cooked dishes
looks really easy
after I tried
cooking a meal is so difficult

sense of accomplishment
can be seen in the kitchen

just after my dad and I fight
he said nothing but drive the car left
I was sitting on the couch crying
after the tears dried
I told myself
I was not home most aggrieved that the most difficult one
I meet only a small part

he should think of ways to
make money every day, to support us, take care of us, cooking for us to eat
he is the most aggrieved family was the most painful one
and he was head of the family

I have this feeling a long time outbreak
but every time the end
or down my patience
becoz I know my father is more difficult and more pressure than me

live every day life in the role-playing
such an environment will feel tired
but I can not choose it

daddy said this is the life
I accept
because no one can negotiate your destiny and God

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