Jun 20, 2010

Overcome their biggest victory

I may not powerful than others
I may not I'm Born with the truth
perhaps I am a person who is not ambition

all not in my hands
I do not change my destiny
tis is not my choice to control
fate has been arranged early
we can only fate

I can only do their best to do things
I'm afraid of being better than anyone look down on others
I have more than worried about my future family

although I always like a look of indifference to their future
in fact, I just worry hidden in the hearts of
things I like to take my own
I don't need to worry about me

although I have no problem with the economic capacity of family
I do not worry about the cost of attending cosmetology courses
but I would like to rely on their outside life

I want to work-study
I know this is a very hard thing
however, I have a very strong mind to achieve
I would also like to be able to earn their own living expenses
after all, further studies are not able to make money
we want to spend a lot of money to test our own back diploma

I don't mean only that the person will not do
give me time
I will do to you to see
what I need is time to prove

the ability to believe in yourself
nothing is impossible
because you are the best

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