Jun 28, 2010

During the trip missing

Recent period
I hv been following a friend out of running
have no access with my laptop
becoz my computer is not around
without it I accompanied

share with you
my recent whereabouts and programs

suddenly had a new habit
tat is to beat up food with a mobile phone
read the very people the feeling of appetite
is praised
so I always go to Cafe to enjoy afternoon tea

Location: V Cafe & Bakery

tis is their special day dessert
mango Cake
although a small one but very proud

tis is the iron rice spicy seafood + rice
looks delicious
tis is vegetarian food shop

Location: Bukit indah (forget the signs)

tis is Cheese Chicken Steak
delicious to eat really good
only the price a little expensive
and their drink is not very satisfactory
good food

Location: Station one Tun Aminah

tis is a ham and cheese toast
every time I come here to try a variety of bread flavors were
looks good to eat

I guess I was not too much work time
so only go around tasting food
themselves as a gourmet
but now the end of this trip

becoz I want to lose weight
everyone says I am more and more flesh

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