Jun 5, 2010

► I have my own dignity

this moment
I'm no longer part of the Ido's company
position as a professional beautician in my eyes
but I have pushed this opportunity

I don't regret my choice now
becoz I also have my own dignity

I thought that if I try to have climbed the peak of the day
I'm confident I will do
I will not be scared to do it
whether it will
I will not miss any opportunity to try
over time
every day to help customers do care face n slimming

people want to change really quickly
I can hardly believe she will say a lot of nasty things to seriously me

always the identity of apprenticeship apprenticeship
ur work is always just poured tea for customers and clean up the room
wat makes you qualified to talk about supporting and customers
you have to understand your identity
and ur face to the customer to see not a good impression

ur words make me look at you
I would let you look down on an apprenticeship
clean sweep of the work is our work
in the face before you scold me
please find out
why do I get this face
also thanks to you the gift
are not you a bit of responsibility


I'm not because of economic problems read Beauty College
I chose to do an apprentice
because I want to suffer
been looked down on you
I appreciate your attitude
I received something, then don't say anything left

tis time you are about to face the problem head right
because the temporary attachment can't find people to KL

I leave you, the choice
I want you to know
I also have self-esteem

mot let you insult me lightly

I give this company
doesn't mean I give up the beauty of this industry
someday I will let you know
if not in this company
I can survive

of course
even now I Diuqian go out of the College of a Beauty Diploma
I will also read

the last time wearing the uniform of Ido's

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