May 31, 2010

Full of resentment

The last day of the month

hope the next is very fulfilling every day

I like a busy life :0


six in the morning to get up

after driving to Johor Jaya

because the boss is coming here to teach us lessons

would have to rest Monday

the results also specifically go up to the morning classes

invincible super tired

go to sleep until 5 o'clock yesterday

one hour of sleep time

I really temper temper

especially when the mirror to see my face

is simply to knives to injure

I complain a lot about this company

since in this work after

I face a lot more serious problems

looked really sad

I really can not accept

I am beginning to convince the customer confidence

now it

but will be some customers say a lot of nasty things

customer is always right

so I had to swallow

but my manager do?

as a manager you help me do my treatment

the results came up with this effect

you keep repeating every day

I face more and more rotten

why not say you do here ?

I really wanted to direct leave angry


did you take my transfer to KL

I now have to face this big city vision

not mean to me to be criticized vilify me

do you not think the staff feel it?

employees are not people?

I seriously lost confidence

even customers coming

manager also said that counter do not need, do not come out

what you see us in the end

this is your so-called team?

I really want to leave this company

but not now

but after training I went to KL have this intention

I had to find my next site

I was able to leave

I do not want to waste my time

my time is precious

I now face the problem

recently a very irritable mood is really bad

very emotional

heart full of complaint and despair

I really had enough

but before I go to KL to be patient

because I want to leave here together with craft

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