May 26, 2010

The cost of the work is not simple

The big news is very shocking
I hesitate to want to give up the development of tis company
I have to be transferred to another branch
the mobilization of the area a bit far
I'm going to Taman Century outlet practice for a week
in tis one week
I wan to learn all the techniques and a wide range of care
directly after the new branch of practice to KL
for the time being is to stay there for two weeks
I'm not sure
have enough bad luck
there are 17 days away from my birthday
never expected
when I was transferred
encountered is my birthday
why am I so so '' lucky ''
had intended to be and family through birth
now completely wasted
birthday in a strange place to spend
so dismal first birthday
I'm really going crazy
I was afraid of lonely lonely birthday
my family against me to go so far away
don't wan them worry about
I am very contradictory
good and bad
( benefit )
can be learned in the different branch of knowledge and practices different
absorb more experience
face care directly to help customers doing treatment
head back to the future
promotion opportunities for higher
tat time is a full-trained beautician
salary will increase with
I joined the job less than a month in Ido's
comsumption is scary
no way
as a professional beautician
the first is necessary to improve their skin
where customer are confident tat you care ? right ?
I had a company known for C.A.T. Care Treatment
price is RM1200 a matching
but the staff price is RM877
effect after 14 days will see a great improvement
but my results are not very good
I had to touch my hand and more effective only poor result
regret to the death
like it to get thrown into the sea as RM877
so sad : (
and the scar in my indian manufactured
at least 2-3 month recover
now face is really ugly
only the forehead and nose to see good results with glossy
cheeks and chin more difficult to recover
had to rely on skin care fix
but the most angry is not an exaggeration
I can't used the product before buying the wine
products must be purchased to match
the cheapest product to be RM158
I recommend buying based therapist
I didn't extra pocket money
I used ATM card
so today to buy 2 products
Ido's 06 illumination mask 150g ---RM188
Ido's 14 BH complex 30g ---RM189
total : RM263.90
coupled with the treatment C.A.T done before
Total Cost : RM1140.90
I'm crazy woman
I have no another choice
since I chose to develop in the beauty industry
I have to care my skin problems can only convince the customer
we must cast off a lot of capital
hope will make a capital return
It's the END

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