May 4, 2010

Fight for our happiness

A bit emotional these days
sometimes very happy and very sad at times
I really was a fear of failure of woman
always installed in front of a very strong woman
in fact , my heart is very fragile
I also need someone to care for me love me and protection me
I know he has been with me during tis period
I'm enjoying tis feeling
the strange thing is people are selfish
don't like wat they like to share with others
I think tis is normal thinking
doesn't mean I don't know enough
If it is not Love ,
why do you worry because I'm a word ,
came from home take me to eating dinner ?
every time you set my dormitory after ,
I'm very worried about ur safety on the road
I want u to promise me not driving express but you didn't hear
every time I said I was hungry only an excuse
I just wan to test you do not specifically come to me becoz I'm hungry
the answers is definitely
I don't have any effort
I will cal u came find me
becoz I want to see u and miss u
every time I think about when you come
can stay in that moment of time
although you really are witth me everyday
but I can't feel you by my side
like any where , any time will be gone
the feelings of so many years
nothing like the one my more easily pushed him to the others
but he is not as I don't want give up then ?
I know you even want to avoid hard choices
but I think you can do ?
don't tell me to concentrate on work tat others don't wan to think
do u think tis answer really allow me to accept it ?
If you really don't want leave the pain
I believe I would be a much different
you into my world why can't enter my world ?
I just want to love you don't want to bring trouble
why is it so hard to look ?
For you
moment a lot of sudden changes
settle down with his heart doesn't know
start not like to go Clubbing
not with the other boys started having an affair
in addition you no longer want to accidentally start the boys
beginning to see ur sms , I'll have a very bright smile
I dunno how long tis feeling
but I hope you can do it like me
I'm not greedy
as long as you give me my sense of security
I hope you can see tis blog to give me a definitive answer
before my birthday to get an answer
I hope u are serious about tis question
not escape
can ?
FIGHT our memories *

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