May 28, 2010

Enjoy holiday food tasting

Long lost sister missing

since we go to work after their

and have not time to gather together

finally all together today

lots to talk about topics

admire the 4 long-winded woman

Kai Yun / Wen Yan / Li Fong / Song Lin

no make-up photo of the first

very original

the most classic picture worth keeping

saw that I felt really strange

We go to Station 1 find Li Fong and Kai Yun

and eating some food

can u see?

I order a mocha coffee

Wen Yan point of the watermelon juice


sausage Packages

Good taste

next time to try to see


I rush home for dinner

program busy

after half an hour to go home

went out with friends yam cha

Dad said I was busy

but really

many people say that I gained a lot

extremely exaggerated fat


I do not acceptIs exaggerated

we take photo at station 1

the hostel is Li Fong and Kai Yun

long time not with a photo

but because the relationship did not dress up

all shot in the escape

Happy hour is always an end soon

meeting in the next



time: 5 o'clock

location: sutera mall

people: Mom, Kelly, Felix Goh

show: eating delicious food

I forgot the name of the restaurant

large quantity of food

price Medium

go enjoy the food is worth

these are our point of beverages

mummy to enjoy banana milk shape

kelly to enjoy chocalatemilk shape

felix enjoy oreo milk shape


this is my point of sushi

taste is a kind of tuna vegetables


perhaps I ordered it not good to eat


knew the point of a hawaii pizza

mushroom soup

Felix ordered not to eat

waste food guy



look at me..



I finally have time to cut hair

see above photo and the following photos

is it more beautiful?

my hair is not no patten

nice bo ?? ^^

I plan to start losing weight

can not accept their body shape now

is simply a large bucket

there is no charm

I could not have been let down their fat

I went to KL a period of work

adjustment must bring my body back

gambateh !!!

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