May 8, 2010

Break through any obstacles

recent work exhausted me
from morning till night
no time to rest
more admire is my own attitude towards learning
stations are allowed to sleep out
is simply an exaggeration
maybe the relationship between the work environment
cause I don't mind to seriously study
everyday is absent - minded
everyday laughing
actually come to tis branch after
smile on my face has not appeared
hard to imagine , right ?
day to be very difficult to hear my voice
because it give me the idea of giving up
but I always had patience
if the impulse to give up so
wat should I pursue ideals ?
tough all day long working hours
really want to have a person comfort me after work
I have wanted to continue at least hold out the idea
unfortunately ,
that person can never know
I know he is not entirely my own
he also has his own busy
I don't want to disturb him
to increase his troubles and became his burden
Love is long journey
when I went in front for you
you will also face the direction I came from ?
why do we always caught in between any obstacles
never be able to smoothly go together
sense of each other are identified
the lack of a little bit on
I have been asked to determine the answer you gave me
I know you are embarrassed
I don't intend to make things difficult when you
but I just cannot be
becoz when I want you to accompany me , you were not in
I really want to hold you
don't wan to let go
as long as you're near me
I have only had the power
you know you told me the importance of it ?
then if for you ?
my good sister told me the news today
she said that I changed
suddenly I can order a person to my mind is settled down
becoz he only
I can change the whole character
can even give up
early on the idea of the cause for the heavy strong woman
I really cannot imagine
becoz the boy I love only
I am willing to cast aside
would rather be a good wife and mother at home
Love *

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