May 1, 2010

✖my lovely boy

in tis complex emotions in relations

I finally got a definitive answer

really let me down a big stone heart

I'm relaxed more

No perfect ending

I know we can't solve a problem

I have no way to make decisions for him

even like each other

want to always stay in each other's side

is there anyway to break through tis obstruction ?

the most painful is to love each other but can't have each other

the first time I heard him say tat he cares me

the first time I heard him say tat he likes me

the first time I heard him say tat fear didn't see me

he was very brave to face the first time I raised the question

he choose to ignore the first time

'' 塔罗牌 ''

really very intelligent

I hesitated for a long time last night

don't ask to be a correct answer clearly

becoz I'm afraid my head

so I'm very worried about histroy repeating itself

so I can't expect too much

didn't think tis made me get a very unexpected answer
is moving ? is heartache ? is bitter ?
I think tis includes not tell the reason
I know there are positions in his heart
I really can't imagine
I really dun want to then he pushed gv another ppl
I don't let him leave me
I wan him to have been so good to me
only him one person , accompanied by his
I don't wan to bother other people

To : my lovely boy

I want you to think clearly during tis period

wat your need ?

love has always been selfish

ur mind is who really care about

I thought for a while should be able to get an answer

I hope u can think clearly

don't let me down..

look forward to....

with you finish the unfinished journey...

Love you * 1111*

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