Apr 28, 2010

✖The gap between reality and fantasy

now working environment
be very advanced local
just not very good in tis area of law and order
don't go out at random
very dangerous
recently more and more complex relationship
I rely on him a kind of feeling
would like to keep that
you will accompany me tis has been concerned about me ?
I really hope tat you will always be with me
regardless of any times
do you believe '' 塔罗牌 '' ?
perhaps many people think superstition
but sometimes very difficult to accept people with spiritual
I believe it
but I also believe tat my personal understanding of deep
I'm very confident of the positive
yesterday morning of the one night
he took me to ride
I dunno wat we are into a situation
I don't wan to ask too many
as long as he would like to accompany me
I dunno wat he feels like to me ?
but he suddenly asked me if i was in love with him ?
mind and his memories
I found myself crying for several hours
directly to work after
separated for so long the problem has been opened
should be able to continue to love ?
the two have feelings for people who are not should it ?
but doesn't solve the problem before us
how we can do ?
only select one chance ? wat would u choose ?
I should continue to accompany you by my side
push you away with me ?
how do you wan me to I do ?
you know you is very memorable to me
thanks you for tell me the truth
let me noe the issues I wan to know the answer

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