Apr 10, 2010

✖ with mom n frenz go on a dating

Gentle lady style
this style is right for me

Theme : shopping

Location : Cs

Date : 9 th april 2010

Time : 12:00p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Character : kelly, mummy, li fong, wen yan

this is my first time and my mom and friends to go out
also had a good time
of coz
my mom also take pictures with us together
so nice la !!!
8 sisters but only three sisters dating
few people does not mean no atmosphere
we also playa very crazy
this is our common ground
we didn't take pictures for a long time
like before graduation
and compared with previous
we really grew up
19 years old

next appearances
more wonderful
that is my mom and me

we look like it ?

mummy and kelly

our comments is...

we shot both the united states
mummy is too similar to the rich
I look similar to the rich princess
view of pure only :X

mummy bought a skirt for me
I choose sexy styles
leopard print low cut dress
becoz next week I'm going clubbing
I will upload the clubbing pictures
wait and see

I like these photo
so nice...
cherish our friendship
although far from pulling us
I hope the friendship will always be in my heart
** love best friends **

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