Apr 1, 2010

✖ uncomfortable

Today is the Fool's day

no special happened

all day hiding in the house becoz I didn't leave home

I and Felix to take a pictures

he has installed a face naughty

too boring...

recently the body a little uncomfortable
loss of appetite often feel dizzy

maybe a lot of trouble

maybe the relationship between loss weight

the process was very difficult to lose weight

endurance to be a good

I have not any food temptations

give me some time

I believe I will be able to lose weight

I feel my life is boring

never could get busy

don't like tat feeling

wat can I do ?

morning my father and I go out for breakfast

our hearts are very far away

we have no conversation picked

the kind of mood is cool

he really hurt my hearts

I have no strength to keep talking
I don't expect anymore

I am used to separate

don't intend to rely on others

I never rely on any man
in addition to my father the only one


even in the most important person in my heart

has let me down
I also believe in people ?

I'm tired..

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