Apr 18, 2010

✖ Part of our definition of 14th

I felt quite helpless

cannot say the feeling

I can't forget memories of the past

whether happy unhappy is not forget

perhaps I would never meet him

maybe I was too naive it

the sad part of our bits and pieces

we have to forget their

why do you promise me something

always impossible

actually you do not love me

don't disturb my life
ur injuries are not small

you can easily forget the course of 2 years

you don't noe how long I'm sad for you

I am very impressed

he personally wrote a love letter for me

not very sophisticated

the simple to the very common

but inside it contains a lot of thought

until now.. 19 april 2010

I still keep this letter

we eloped to Singapore

special celebration with us more than 1 month

since we first got together was over 26 days only

can u see ?

we wore the same jewelry

Past of our memories

I'll never forget

true pictures

I don't wan deceive myself

why do u thing will not move

could hurt me

you don't feel guilt ?

for the first time together

start = 14/02/2008

end = 09/03/2008

the second time

start = 14/12/2008

end = 07/03/2009

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