Apr 6, 2010

✖ Bad in the past, good to be there..

whether all the unhappy things have passed ?

suffering is being put down

I should be able to do that
to camouflage it 。
in this house

everyone is deliberately disguised hypocrisy

I am having the same ?
people living under the eaves
appearance appears to be a wonderful family
the real side too ?
if the warm words
only deceive themselves

life can be repeated several times ?

daddy is only one
even if he can't really understand me
can't ignore him forever
is right ?
I always swallow every time
why my father is not agree with me ?
diploma important
experience more important

if you read many books don't have any experiece

everything is equal to blank
forget it

I still miss the boy
I thought he had forgotten me
I feel sad heart
during this period
we no longer keep in touch as before
more and more distant relations
I knoe tat no one can guarantee the same heart
makes me happy is that
it turned out he did not forget me
yesterdays he went to temple to pray
he also helped me to pray a peaceful charm of wealth
21 June 2010
he'll be back in malaysia
looking forward to the coming of the day


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