Apr 13, 2010

✖ not enough sleep and simple day

Cannot sleep all night

strange situation

every time

I'm going to English classes the day before

always spinning can't sleep


8:00 a.m.

I read the newspaper after a bath

choose to wear clothes today

and then to the kitchen brewing a cup of coffee

usually I don't drink coffee

but in order to bring the spirit of driving

out the door I would enjoy a cup of hot coffee

9:30 a.m.

my dad told me to eat breakfast

hhe asked me to eat chicken rice or laksa ?


I wan to eat '' Bak Kut Tay ''

then he took me to eat

long time no go out with him ady


I 'm starting early go to english classes

sun is very strong and very hot

let the sweat on my forehead has been flow

the entire face is oily

so I feel very greatest fire


traffic congestion

take this time to take a pictures

is very cool

wahaha : x

I like my hair color

after school

drive to Bukit Indah Jusco

and find my babe maggie yam cha

I didn't go to crystal shop a long time

know a new friend

his name is ah keong

he has added me as a friend in Facebook

but I never seen him

finally see the true face of today

wahaha : )

I have nothing particular highlight

very simple

very casual

tomorrow will be a wonderful days

becoz I want to start my night life on wednesday

who people hv going to Cabana can meet me

hahaha : p


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