Apr 21, 2010

✖ I'm join to Ido's Cosmeceutical companies

heard of this company ?
in malaysia ,
these moves are well-known companies
branches in all states
(Johor jaya / Tmn nusabestari / Kulai / Segamat / Klang)
I'm about to join the U.S. treatment of medical companies
Started from Friday
time is quickly
temporary period of time in 2 daysto pack suitcase
becoz I work by the company transferred to Johor Jaya
too far away
if you come back home once every week
then the car really is not worth the fuel costs
so I decided to come back two weeks time
if the father would go to JJ visit me
I maybe back Pekan nanas 1 days a month
dun miss me ...
tis is my longest time away from home
I noe my parents very difficult to accept this
I even told my daddy up quarrel
he was well aware of my stubbornness
he knew tat no matter how opposed I still insist going
I'm not unable to sympathize with the feelings of parents
I also hope I can stay around to accompany them
but if every time I hold tis mentality
so I don't always work without it ?
I should not worry about so many issues
ready to risk everything once brave
I will make the results look to you
wait me...
I believe
I join the circle of the beauty industry after
certainly become more mature
the most important thing is our manners

the period of my innocence will be gone
I don't noe is good or bad thing

it does not matter

performance is all I want

okay la..

to stop here...

have free time I will always come in renew my blog..

my working hours : 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Pray for me ^o^

miss * family * frendz * and someone *

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