Apr 24, 2010

✖The benefits of a diary

Photos of a few years ago
remember tat time and my darling (sze ee) and lanlan go out
I like tis photo very much like a child
innocent and cute
I spent a whole afternoon of the time
watching my every 6 years to write diary book
find it very interesting very funny
how could so easily like before a person ?
and then also very east to accept others ?
I think that is absurd
but I love and like are clearly divided
about a feeling
possible only becoz he was very nice to me
possible only becoz he accompanied me every day
maybe simply lonely when I need someone to accompany
probably just becoz I want to forget his past as an object instead
true love on the usefulness
I will never forget him
I'll bring him along in my diary
I think he thought it difficult to sleep
I'll quietly wait
I'll think of his memories as a sudden cry
I have been in only 2 of each individual character of the journal
you guessed who yet ?
over the past may also come back again ?
I don't dare to look and with hope
I don't wan spoilers
I also told him directly to the interruption
if he had turned back a single day
I will fight for him
I dunno if him have not been scared
fear thay he would like before
hear me say these words begin to avoid
hope tat will not
mature many will not do such things , Right ?
and most importantly
I'm not entangled you
just tell you in advance
you be prepared
I do not wish to have no luxury
if there is fate
maybe also come together
if there is no fate
maybe tis is a good outcome

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