Mar 31, 2010

Family disputes

Tomoro coming in April
wat will happen good or bad ?
who can foretell the future
tell me

I hopes everything smoothly
whatever respects good
I just hope not let me like now so uncomfortable

let me easiest crying or family problems
never changed
only they affect my mood

this month I lost a lot of tears
let me powerless
perhaps family childhood very attention me relations
I can't be ignored family

I'm alone in a drink driving to the beach pontian
I have taken the first step from home
I have tears to cry in the car
dunno where to go

when I am not happy
I just wan to go to the beach
sea breeze will clear a lot of people
at least I will not shed tears
but I have a bad habit
is a bad mood to drink beer

I like to go clubbing
just simple like drinking and dancing
no other reason

I just feel very helpless
why does my dad have the time to reason things outsiders
why don't spend a little time to care about his daughter ?
I dunno tat

I've done things to make him happy
I care so much about his feelings
why cannot he for the first while I feel well ?

I have been patient
patience has limits
you want me to have something on his mind tell you
you will say I get you dilemma

how do you want me to tell you ?
can you understand ?
what I want ?

X not spoiled X

X not money X

X not enjoy X

X not momentum X

what I need is a sense of security

I don't want the rich .

I don't want your sacrifices for our enjoyment .

I would rather do anything .

I am willing to endure hardship .

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