Mar 3, 2010

The girls love freedom..

Gemini girls..
don't like constraint..
a lot of trick..
there are different emotional day..
difficult to grasp touch..
more serious is the big girls doctrine..
Can you grasp this girls ?
tis's me..

how many individuals can bear it ?
I don't noe..
tis type of girls is not very difficult to reach people ?
what is slut ?
what is a misunderstanding ?
people like me are most likely to encounter these two problems..
why do I say tis ?
I am a straightforward girl..
personality fit together to try..
not suitable for the spread..
I don't like persists in arguing endlessly..
when I want to leave the time..
I can go a very free and easy..
becoz I don't insist..
tis is my personality..
I told the girls not the same as the other..
served as my BF who should know..
I didn't like a baby..
don't rely on my BF..
will not be gentle..
did not see it everyday it does not matter..
together is to trust each other..
if you would be suspicious..
do good with less direct..
perhaps tis hard to accept..
but I don't wan to be artificial girl..
also make sense..
before might have too much love a person..
been repeated injury to the relationship between class times..
let me awake much more..
while everyone needs love..
but people always selfish..
where better to advance to their own..
my dedication very heavy..
in addition career and family now..
I have nothing to pay attention..

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