Mar 6, 2010

Farewell party at 大嘴巴

Farewell party..
in order to go to Taiwan to study organized by a friend..
tat is zhi hao and zi hao..
the source of tis photo funny..
is tat I put my N96 on someone elde's rear..
then I quickly pressed the time ran out of step..
after a car we don't let him off..
a result..he high-lights to shoot us..
is even more ridiculous encounter a police car..
we're engaged in wat he thought..

about 12:oo a.m.
we let's go eating mcdonal..
I am forced to require all people called the same food..
just becoz I wan to take pictures.. : p

he is zhi hao..

he seemed to feel afraid I eat him ?

do you feel tis ?

tis is wen jie..
I told him to talk less..
however..they shoot a good photo as a mark..

tis is zi hao..
I know with him 10 ++ years..
from elementary school to now o...

and tis is qi shen..
he is also the primary and I realize tat now..
he will bring sunglasses becoz the eye needle..

the last one is ..
our squad leader..
his nickname is called xiao xiao li..
he is a funny boy..

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