Mar 1, 2010

Working on the last day...

Today is my crystal shop in HOJB..

working on the last day..

some could not bear..

I was too abrupt resignation..

although only a month or so..

but these colleagues for me..

It feels like a long time friend..

becoz I can do in front of them back to their own true..

regardless of my personality..

or a quite forceful..

they will meet me..

is like my biological brother n sister.. a pretend..

on the last day of the mood..

I am very tired..

becoz anything tat happens the night before the hostel..

led me to sleep..

to celebrate I wan to leave the company..

I and maggie go with a fancy meal..

the so-called feast of cake is my favorite..


I just love tis chocolate banana cakes shop only..

finally eat..

see ~

Tis is our photo..

maggie is with me..
didn't dodge the lens..

she loves me..
we will break time to go shopping together..
on their minds..
discussion men...

the man called Eric..
he is our oldest colleague..
didn't disclose his age.. I am afraid he fight..

maggie become to our photographer..
help us take a photograp..
way to help advertise our company..
tis is the amethyst table..
if the price is RM13880..
scary..Right ?
but sitting in our VIP seating..
felt really comfortable..

I never did like to change..
many customer say that I am mature..
is it true ?
but it is certain is that..
I have a lot of fat...

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