Mar 17, 2010

miss people's feelings

do you noe miss the taste ?
I thought for a long time didn't appear that feeling..
bitter taste..
I was too stubborn relations ?
I don't care..
becoz I now focus on my career..
should be able to while waiting for him..
2 years..
I can wait for him come back ?
in other countries..
he really be able to guarantee the same heart ?
I'm not holding high hopes..
expect there will be a disappointment..
Let it like...
it is unfortunate that..
even before he left the fateful day known to have feelings..
too late to tell him..
at the expense of my sleep time..
sms with him until he was on the plane..
he told me all hos thoughts and feelings..
I can wish for him presented only..
The first semester summer holidays..
he told me that had set the ticket..
he will be back..on Jun 2010..
he said he came back..
will definitely help me celebrate my birthday..
I look forward to the day..
kept trained on..
to remain in malaysia until 3 month..
I told him I would wait for him to come back..
although it is a long..
but I can busy my business and wait for him..
time should be off soon..

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