Mar 13, 2010


tis is my relapse medicine..

my old illness had been 4 years without a relapse..

I'm very familiar and strange..

My stomach has a (water tumors)..

It is in my stomach which has been 5 years..

once every years..

becoz of recurrence of the pain..

let me into the hospital at midnight..

tis is good enough..

becoz I reluctantly to the following morning..

the day before admission into the hospital..

Into the operating room at that moment..

I am more afraid of playing anesthesia needle..

general anesthesia..

but the conscious is very hard..

made me cry out loud..

I sleep all day..

every 2 hour..

nurses would come in to help me injections..

my hands are numb..

no response..

when I fell asleep..

I found someone moving my feet..

the results opened his eyes a look..

turned out to be one of my frenz andd my ex bf..

I went straight up and was scared..

how they will appear in tis ?

when the afternoon..

my ex bf asked the hospital where I live..

I don't tell him..

how they will find it ?


then they go after..

is also packaged to gv me something to eat..

I noe tat he was concerned about me..

regardless of the identity of a frenz in his capacity as ex bf..

I'm very grateful to him specially to see me..

has now been recovered..

there is a good wound is not so fast..

hope tis will not occur again after problems

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