Jun 5, 2010

► all about my lovely boy

keep me a long time in a book
the commemortive book is very valuable
ss no amount of money can't buy

until now
it also reserves the right next to me
point no damage
shows that I really love it to protect it

tis is the first time I did the most stupid thing
tis book is a lot of secrets hidden behind
I think no one knows but me

I like a simple girl
I always do something for him a fool would do
I didn't think it a waste of time and effort

sometimes looking at it
instead,I would be very sweet and very warm

I copied his message inside each
I remember once I returned home after work tired
but I insisted that the information written on the inside cell phone
so I wrote to sleep
wake up
I saw I was lying sleeping on books
I was lucky in my heart
I could then sacrifice for his

I told him every word I said records inside
I am an idiot
even to chat with him in msn also write down the contents
rr look through chats every day

I recorded his voice over the phone
in fact, tis matter has been a long time
but I still preserved

I remember the time with him
I use a Nokia 6670
after cell phone until I changed
I do not put the phone selling aircraft
for which there is information about me and him
retained to the present
really unbelievable
but true

my memories of him with me to write in it

I get along with him the time, place, process, all written down
also recorded in the phone calendar
of course
even if no records
he was with me the day I will not forget

After days of ups and downs
I thought I could return to his life
But did not realize

during that day can not open
I think patience would also like to give up

because he always stood by my side
there he was around
all the unhappy things can evaporate instantly
his embrace is I have been the most desired
because I am afraid to lose him and the lack of security
I am dependent on him

but the happiness does not always exist a long time
people are not satisfied
I should know very well that he was on my side
but I asked him was more

but let him gradually away from me
at first I was really sad
but I told him to disguise the strong need not accompany me later
I don't want to burden him
let him worry

I have never forgotten you
will not forget your memories
although sometimes difficult to think of it by heart
but I can insist hold on

I do not want to introduce you my heart
dyou remember?
you said that after so many years
you will not be easily pushed me
so now you have reservations about this idea in your mind it?

No matter how tough
I will insist in the end will not give up
I hope you also carry on

we get along process is not fantasy
tat is the real picture
I always have in my mind there
I really can not let go you

painful though
but for me it is a good memory

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