Jul 1, 2010

I assumed the role of housewife

I got up very early these days
aunt sharon temporary limited mobility after surgery
need to rest in bed for about a week
so I was the size of things from home
although I'm not very good with her feelings
but I don't regard as bad

I hope I'm doing now
she can feel the heart of everything I do
I hope that one day when I was not at home
daddy sick mobility
she can also, as I'm now so take care of her heart
I am satisfied that

get up at 6.oo a.m.
I'm going to brew a cup of hot milo to drink her two children
after the clothes out to dry
last accompany them at the gates waiting for school bus
then I began to sweep the floor wiping the floor

then go to pasar to buy food with my father
came back to help prepare material cooking
after breakfast
I will read the newspaper with dad
medication ready to eat warm water to the aunt sharon

about 12.oo a.m.
I am planning on going to Gelang Patah set my mother
then go down to the starting beauty salon
didn't face a long time and feel comfortable
very tired, so I've been sleeping
care until the completion

starting longing Taman Molek
I'm going to Zero Degree Celcius Cafe

I ordered a few desserts Road
marketable looks very tasty

tis is their signature dessert shop

there waiter introuced me to eat

taiwanese minced pork rice with charcoal smoked egg

interior decoration design their
I feel so beat up and decency
is a place people feel comfortable and verification

I give you address
free can go to enjoy their food

No.35,Jalan Molek 2/1,
Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru,

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