Jul 6, 2010

Wonderful time of the Cabana

Last Saturday night
we're good frends birthday in July
to help celebrate the birthday in advance
a total of 1 elderly men and 2 woman is celebrating his birthday
becoz then the work of each frend has no free time

the idea of temporary
process complex and quickly
even more angry is that all friends are not sure whether to attend
some of the temporary emergence
some say that no money should not go to the temporary
really is the gas to vomit blood

so that nobody is very unpleasant
my birthday is not so confusing
but I can understand they said no money
becoz they have lost a lot of World Cup
a person once they come up to RM70 is not easy
we propose that one person out RM50
they also compared the compromise

after graduation since
we birthday surprise in the nightlife of the place
although very fresh
but drinking too much overhead
the bit is not really willing
but my birthday is not that they complain how much
I can't so selfish and mean
and all of my friends attended the birthday
their birthday
I of course have to attend
Ooherwise, no sense of obligation and not get it?

I used to always feel that only a few friends will care about me
but after this birthday after
I know they all attach great importance to me
to spend my birthday at least as big
they are also not complained about

tis place is the Cabana
we ordered two apple wine and 3 tower carlsberg
the cost of wine is RM706 + +

we also play to a very wonderful time
becoz we don't do dumb
but ran in front of the stage to dance
super readily
and don't ignore any feelings of a friend
we play together with the high
has also been alcoholism
also my first day at the Cabana the most sober
I could drink astringent wine not drunk
but also very thick kind of water does not participate

while we were playing to a very wonderful time
one girl was someone else touch the chest
the results conclude that our friends indecent assault her
the problem is not our friend
been wronged
really angry
after the fight there will be something for fear
therefore, we also start out right and wrong

we cut the cake in the parking lot outside Cabana
very memorable
becoz we are sisters to go home early
results when we go only to find
parking cards is stuck in our sister
results go get with her in Johor jaya
tat time in our waiting
even hungry stomach
so we decided to cut the cake and eat there

very memorable
but also very tired of the day

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