Jul 13, 2010

Happy marriage

Marriage is a lifetime event for girls for life
I believe tat every girls are looking forward to the arrival of tis moment

bride not me
hero is my uncle Quan will be getting married
grandfather home to be a wedding
all were very happy excited
we also feel happy for both of them
hope they can ride no matter how hard life

6 a.m. the day I got up
I helped uncle Quan drive ''brothers car''
it really is a classic picture
first saw a girl driving ''brothers car''
can you imagine it?
I pick up the bride wore a white dress drive
many passers-by were staring at me
feeling very evil
but also very embarrassing

after meeting the bride
we intend to proceed male family
tis is what they look like a family home
many relatives are watching the bride and groom
after I told my cousin pictures
she called Yu Xin
is my no.3 aunt's daughter

afternoon we proceed to the Tin Hau Temple
I'm the photographer tat day
the following is my work

at night
when my best dressed
I designed my hair
dresses in a red dress
it seems not very temperament?
I have never seen such an I

when I set the time to the father at home
not into the front door
all looked at me on the look out
everyone says I am beautiful evening dress
sister-in-law said I like japan girl
becoz my hair is golden brown and white skin

banquet location is in the Horizon Club
facilities are luxurious
day's dishes are the finest cuisine
I just took a variety of food
table food to RM900 + +
really expensive

near the end of the end of the banquet
I took some pictures and relatives to do Memorial


the day following the bride
I have the urge to want to get married
really happy

in particular
the man said to take care of your life the moment

the most beautiful symbol

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