Jul 8, 2010

You feel tired all?

Busy time
I have forgotten some things tat some people
no extra time for me to miss tat person
I think he has gradually forget me in a corner

the blessing of the corner
I'm really determined to do?
perhaps I carry it in addition to a love affair
I had no other choice

so many of the emotions experienced
I'm still walking tough emotional road
I really should resign to fate
sticking to believe not appear destined for me

when my ex boyfriend once asked me:

"You feel completely tired yet?''

I'm stunned
I kept asking myself in the heart

I don't recall any period of down feelings?
Really numb it?
Really feel tired?
I seem to find a definite answer
his presence and his departure
let me deep into the maze
wat kind of fear of losing the feeling back again
but I will not lose the same as before the fall
I used to rely on people who walked out on me

I learned to love myself more
even without him and I have not the driving force
I had to put all my spirit in my career
let you know without you I can take off

although I know my character is very stubborn
also thought a few years can continue to wait for you
but I don't want to be a feeling of pressure
so I chose to go with the flow
but I know you in my heart
there a fixed location

why did you lie?

is a white lie

is to me a little happy
the truth from you

how do you want me to believe?

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